Reduce your energy spend and CO2 emissions with Voltage Optimisation. British Power Group offer a spectrum of green energy-saving solutions

Why are we all paying for Wasted Energy?

European harmonisation means our equipment works efficiently at around 220v. Supplying over this voltage is wasting energy.

UK electricity can be supplied at 253v, so without realising it we are all paying for wasted energy

So, what is the solution?

By optimising the energy supply direct to your electrical equipment, you will be making instant savings on your electricity bills

British Power Group is able to supply a wide range of optimisation units to cater for any commercial client’s annual energy consumption anywhere between £12,000 up to £1 Million+

Voltage Optimisation

What are the savings?

Typical saving varies from 8% up to 15% but as a good guide (based on actual installations) if your electricity annual bill is around £66,000 then this can be as much as £9,900 each year

How much could you save?

Use our calculator to see how much you could save!


What is the cost of the unit including installation?

Absolutely NIL as we install and supply the equipment on a zero-cost basis when installing Solar PV through a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement)

No catch, no hassle and you have nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain

What if I want to purchase the equipment?

Not a problem, you can purchase the equipment from day one once you have seen the savings report generated and you then benefit from all the savings on an on-going basis

And there are additional benefits too…

With the electricity supply now running at the correct voltage, this will also increase the life of your equipment too, so a large saving can be made on capital purchase costs over the same period

You are also able to reduce your carbon footprint and the system is monitored remotely


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