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BPG offer a full spectrum of Green Energy-saving solutions including Electric Vehicle Charging, Photovoltaic Energy, Voltage Optimisation, Combined Heat & Power and Energy Brokerage

There has never been a better time to save on your annual energy spend while reducing CO Emissions, increasing footfall to your Hotel and providing a lucrative income. All with ZERO Capital Cost!

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Electric Vehicle Charging

Increase footfall and revenues to your hotel

We provide you with a lucrative, additional income-stream

Our Electric Vehicle Charging Offer includes

  • A Wide range of EV Charging Hardware

  • Fully funded by BPG and our energy partners

  • We handle all the site surveys

  • The installation (including any associated groundworks)

  • Full monitoring

  • Maintenance

EV Charging

Over the contract period we can add additional chargers on all busy sites to meet this increase in demand.

Your charging facility is then added to all network advertisers so visitors can see the facility is live and readily available.

Voltage Optimisation

Helping Hoteliers reduce their energy spend & CO2 emissions with Voltage Optimisation

European harmonisation means our equipment works efficiently at 220v.

Supplying over this voltage is simply wasting energy.

By optimising the energy supply direct to your electrical equipment, you will make instant savings on your electricity bills.

Typical savings are between 8–15% of your total annual electricity spend.

Our Voltage Optimisation service includes

  • We send you a voltage checker to confirm your current energy voltage

  • Once the reading is confirmed we request simple billing information

  • We then arrange a site survey

  • A detailed savings proposal is prepared, confirming both the financial and CO2 savings possible
  • We arrange an installation date

  • Once installed, we provide monitoring software so you can see live savings on any PC, tablet or smart phone

BPG Voltage Optimisation Unit in Use

Photovoltaic Energy

Transform your hotel into a long-term energy-reducing model with ZERO Capital Costs

Secure available funding from British Power Group and help to reduce your CO2 emissions at the same time

We help clients to achieve long-term financial savings by generating their own clean, green electricity.

Not only do you benefit from reducing your carbon emissions, you’re protected from the long-term energy price increases as the solar is locked into retail price inflation.

Our solar Pv service and the benefits include

  • A desktop proposal is produced confirming the savings and the reduced energy rate

  • DNO (District Network Operator) Application

  • Full planning applications are submitted

  • A site survey is arranged

  • We agree a schedule of works and install the system

  • Financial and CO2 savings are immediately realised
  • We monitor, maintain and clean the system at cost to us

PV Solar

Combined Heat & Power (CHP)

CHP (Combined Heat & Power) systems deliver heat and power where it is generated, providing immediate and sustainable savings

Secure available funding from British Power Group and our energy partners and help to reduce your CO2 emissions at the same time.

As a typical example, an 80 bedroomed hotel will save around £41,000 in year one and around £537,000 over a 10-year period.

Our CHP service and the benefits include

  • Reduce consumption by controlling the systems you already have

  • Produce your own electricity and heat with a micro-combined heat and power system

  • Reduce your energy & maintenance costs

  • Extend life of existing plant due to reduced running hours

  • Savings on Government levies and taxes

  • Reduce dependence on power supplied by the grid

  • Utilise recaptured heat waste

  • We monitor and maintain the system at cost to us

Combined Heat and Power - CHP

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