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  • Risk Management

  • Trading

  • Open Performance Fund

  • Fixed Procurement

  • Flexible Procurement

  • Bill Validation

The True platform empowers you to implement a successful energy procurement strategy in a net zero world. With True, you gain access to vital components of energy management: daily updated consumption data, commodity prices and non-commodity data.

By factoring in your current energy costs, anticipated commodity prices, and projected third-party charges, True enables you to evaluate sustainability projects with financial-grade accuracy.

  • Project viability analysis

  • Dynamic MACC project comparison

  • Investment cashflow forecast

  • OPEX and CAPEX comparison

  • Net Zero progression vs target

  • Multi project investment strategy

  • Import and Export analysis

  • Competitive supplier tender

The way forward

Simply send us a portfolio list and copies of bills, complete and sign a letter of Authority, sent via DocuSign. Our energy and sustainability team will review. We will arrange a meeting with you either online or in person to discuss our findings, the way forward and the benefits of using an energy management solution.

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