Published 15-01-2022

We’re delighted to have now completed installation of crucial Voltage Optimisation equipment at two sites agreed with Nippon Gases

Both Nippon’s Immingham plant in North Lincolnshire and its Hounslow site in West London are up and running and already benefiting from renewed energy efficiency and cost reduction.

This is excellent news for everyone involved.

Our team have greatly enjoyed working on this project and it’s incredibly rewarding involved to know that we have been able to help Nippon Gases not only from a financial saving aspect but to have been part of their journey in sustainability, with green initiatives now forming an integral role in their business strategies.

The directorship has been looking at continuous ways in which they can play their part in improving their carbon footprint, in particular at the two sites we have been working with them on.

We were appointed to provide a capex solution and having initially taken voltage readings at both sites we had a clear picture that Voltage Optimisation was a definite option for them, not just to reduce harmful CO2 emissions but to create some additional financial savings.

As with any project the investigative work we carry out needs to be adapted to suit the site, and we found that the initial readings our team took in situ were not giving us accurate data, which meant that installing voltage data-logging equipment over a four-week trial period at the Immingham plant initially, and then at Hounslow, and this was clearly the most viable solution for full results.

With these key insights, we were easily able to provide this equipment at cost, installing the data loggers and monitoring the subsequent readings.

For our team, and indeed for Nippon Gases, this proved a highly useful exercise and working from the recorded data we were able to ensure the final Voltage Optimisation equipment that was chosen for both sites would provide the best performance at each.
We are proud to say that this highly successful project has more than exceeded expectation, with emissions reduced by over 130,638 Kg per annum, and a reduction in capital spending which we are happy to say, is a whopping six figures over what we had initially estimated!

Steven Cullum, our Managing Director, said

Both the Immingham and Hounslow site installations have been a huge success.

Our engineers have been using their expertise to accurately record and evaluate data from the specially introduced data loggers, and from this Nippon Gases can confidently move forwards in the knowledge that the Voltage Optimisation we have equipped them with will contribute considerably to their environmental efforts.

It is always a pleasure to see our equipment and know-how working to support sustainability across diverse industry sectors.

Stephen Reed of Nippon Gases, said

“We were impressed with both the professionalism of the installation and the quality of service provided by British Power Group, whose team has given excellent advice and guidance to support our green initiatives.

We look forward to seeing the ongoing CO2 reductions at both our UK sites for many years ahead.”

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