We want businesses to spend less on energy! British Power Group offer expert Energy Procurement

After over a decade in the industry, it was clear that very few energy brokers offered the right balance of expertise, value for money and transparency

We use our knowledge of the industry to drive down prices, we share what we know, and we’re honest about our margins. This way, we help businesses to become better energy buyers, whilst spreading understanding and trust

Our aim is to make business energy simple because if you can’t explain something simply, you don’t understand it well enough!


Our procurement service helps businesses to cut their energy costs without making a single operational change

There’s more to energy than procurement of course, so our added services help you to see and control energy in various ways

Some say that business energy is complicated

We believe differently, because everything is simple if you understand it well enough


The energy industry is still unregulated. It allows some brokers to hide huge fees in their clients’ contracts, which they never have to disclose

But we have nothing to hide. We add a small, fully disclosed margin to your unit rates, which is based on your energy spend, number of sites and service requirements

Ask about our wide range of renewable energy solutions
all with ZERO Capital Costs

Email zerocapitalcost@britishpowergroup.co.uk or call 01652 681 883