CHP (Combined Heat & Power) systems deliver heat and power where it is generated, providing immediate and sustainable savings

Secure available funding from British Power Group and our energy partners and help to reduce your CO2 emissions at the same time.

As a typical example, an 80 bedroomed hotel will save around £41,000 in year one and around £537,000 over a 10-year period.

Our CHP service and the benefits include

  • Reduce consumption by controlling the systems you already have

  • Produce your own electricity and heat with a micro-combined heat and power system

  • Reduce your energy & maintenance costs

  • Extend life of existing plant due to reduced running hours

  • Savings on Government levies and taxes

  • Reduce dependence on power supplied by the grid

  • Utilise recaptured heat waste

  • We monitor and maintain the system at cost to us

Secure funding for your own project

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