We are increasingly seeing businesses concerned about their energy output and in the current climate this is a hot topic. High energy output means high expense and it’s something we are often approached about.

Of course, we all know that turning off appliances when you are not using them and installing smart meters are just some of things you can do both in domestic and business consumption, but many business owners are unaware of voltage optimisation technology. Fortunately, we’re not, and we can offer plenty of advice and guidance on how your business can benefit from significant savings and more appropriate energy usage though our voltage optimisation technology.

Whether you are responsible for a factory or a hotel or any other kind of business with high energy output you will know that some forms of electrical equipment can consume greater levels of energy at higher voltages – which is where voltage optimisation technology can help. Essentially, this equipment changes the voltage level from the grid supply to the actual level needed by your appliances/machinery. This is achieved by reducing the voltage of the electricity that is supplied to the equipment.

In the process of reducing energy you are also reducing your Co2 emissions which is another reason voltage optimisation technology is becoming a fore runner in easy-to-implement greener initiatives favoured by businesses.

We offer a broad spectrum of green energy-saving solutions and we are huge advocates for asking the question; why are we all paying for waster energy and harming our planet in the process?

Did you know that European harmonisation means our equipment works efficiently at around 220v?   UK electricity can be supplied at 253v, so without realising it we are all paying far too much and we are unashamedly wasting energy. It’s time we step up and switch to not only smarter technology but think of future generations and the impact we are having now on the planet they will inherit.

Here at British Power Group we are able to supply a wide range of optimisation units to cater for any commercial client’s annual energy consumption anywhere between £12,000 up to £1 Million+. This is planet-friendly energy-saving available to your business now.

Voltage Optimisation

Typical saving varies from 8% up to 15% but as a good guide (based on actual installations) if your electricity annual bill is around £66,000 then this can be as much as £9,900 each year – that really is significant and think of the impact this has over time.

If that’s not impressive enough, business owners will be pleased to her that there is absolutely no cost to them to have this equipment installed through our wider range of green energy solutions. For example, we can supply and instal on a zero-cost basis when installing Solar PV though one of our Power Purchase Agreements. But there are also options to purchase the equipment too.

Our team can monitor its functioning and maintenance remotely. Plus, we provide monitoring software for your smartphone or notebook so you can see real-time savings.

We recently installed Voltage Optimisation equipment to one of our hotel clients. They’d been paying around 28.7 pence for their electricity. With the new equipment in place this has dropped to 14.6 pence which over years makes a huge difference. We have even seen some hotels spending as high as 35 pence, which is shocking!

Another client we recently submitted calculations for showed a 10-year savings projection of over £220,000! All just by being that little smarter with energy output and using Voltage Optimisation, to curb that wasted output.

Today we also just signed another new client who will be benefiting from our Voltage Optimisation equipment, fully funded on a zero-capital cost basis. They are looking cost savings of £17,532 in year one and a reduction in CO2 emissions of 17 tonnes!

If you are wondering how much you could potentially save your business, put some figures into our online savings calculator and see for yourself. It’s a reality check that cannot go unnoticed.

Try our voltage optimisation savings calculator

Have a chat with us and we will look at the best ways to help you reduce your energy expense whilst also taking strides into greener technology so you can reduce your carbon footprint.

For further details on how you could instantly save money using Voltage Optimisation, visit our page and in addition, email zerocapital@britishpowergroup.co.uk or telephone 01652 681 883