Yes, that’s right. We are feeling energised and extremely positive about our latest offering! It comes after months of hard work behind the scenes working on securing funding and is a direct response to high demand for this easy-to-install, ready-to-go revenue-generating green solution.

There’s an increasing need for EV chargers across the UK with more and more people switching to electric or hybrid vehicles so it’s the perfect time for hoteliers and business owners to benefit from this market whilst fulfilling their own eco-responsibility.

Our new EV charging solution is available at zero capital cost and is the ideal way to increase footfall and revenue at your property, and we know it is particularly attractive to hotels and hospitality venues. By installing EV charging points on site, a lucrative and additional income stream becomes a reality. Interested hoteliers and business owners can also expect to receive a higher footfall. This is due to their charging facility being added to all EV charger network advertisers so that visitors can clearly see the charging location on the UK-wide map.

Included within our excellent EV charging solution is a wide range of EV charging hardware – fully funded by ourselves and our super network of energy providers – installation, monitoring and maintenance. All at zero-capital cost! All site surveys are also carried out and chargers are upgraded every five years, ensuring they are always at the forefront of EV technology. So, we know we have everything covered to help kick 2022…

Our Managing Director, Steven Cullum said

“EV chargers are easy to install and we carefully monitor and maintain them, so they really are a gem of an opportunity! particularly at zero-capital cost! We know they are a useful resource to attract new visitors to your site and an uncomplicated revenue generator.

“We’ve worked hard to secure the funding to be able to now provide our new EV charging solution to a number of sites across the UK and we are sure that this will prove increasingly popular in 2022. Drop us a line and we will help you diversify your services, save money and embrace the green!”

For further details on how to charge up your income opportunities and appease your eco-conscience, email or telephone 01652 681 883