Published 14 May, 2021

EV drivers need to stop and charge their vehicle somewhere, and as the demand for EV vehicles increases, so does the need for well-placed EV charging points in proximity to the UK’s road network.

This is where your business can benefit. If you have the space on site to add in EV chargers, you are opening up to new customers and becoming a reference point on the EV charging point map and on locator apps such as Zap-Map or Pod-Point.

Businesses that offer services in addition to charging benefits stand to benefit greatly with visitors looking for somewhere they can spend some time whilst charging up, particularly as currently only 3% of supermarkets in the UK have charging points. Seems a shame to not take up such an opportunity.

Many of these EV charging visitors could be local, but some might be simply passing by and need to stop and charge. EV chargers could increase your brand awareness and these visitors could stop to charge their vehicle and become one of your customers.

We would say that EV owners take an average time of 30 minutes to two hours to charge their vehicle. The most common level of charging station in public areas supplies around 80 miles of range for every hour plugged in – so it’s likely that EV drivers will want to be plugged in for at least an hour, giving them plenty of time to use your other facilities.

By installing an EV charging point outside your business, you could generate additional revenue by selling the electricity to the EV driver. Businesses can retain a profit on the price the driver pays to charge their vehicle, so the more EV charging points you have the more revenue you could generate.

You will also enhance your business’ green credentials showing physical evidence of your environmental awareness.

We are seeing an increasing demand for the installation of EV chargers across a variety of sectors, and we are even able to offer these at no cost whatsoever for businesses that wish to extend their green initiatives to solar panels also, as we offer a zero-capital bundle that includes the two plus Voltage optimisation of your premises.

Green is smart. Let’s get you started.